Fentimans launch Spirit Pairing Guide

Whether you are new to the gin scene or have been part of it for a while now, we’ve got interesting news. Fentimans has recently developed their first Spirit Pairing Guide and it’s here to let gin connoisseurs discover the perfect pairing of Fentimans mixer and spirit.

“Our Spirits Pairing Guide can be used as an inspiration to try new and exciting flavour combinations.”

The Fentimans mixer range comprises of eleven flavours of soft drinks and fourteen mixers. To top it off, they have a selection of pre-mixed alcoholic beverages such as the Valencian Orange tonic which is one of our personal favourites.

“Driven by innovation and customer demand, we continue to grow our diverse range of tonics and mixers.”

The Guide is brought to you after Fentimans have collaborated with world-class mixologists to create the guide’s pairings, from the familiar to the more experimental.

The charts in the guide demonstrate a variety of flavour combinations that the Fentimans drinks can offer when paired with specific spirits in each category.

In terms of us gin-lovers, the guide covers different varieties of gin and the ideal tonic water to compliment that. Additionally it goes over three different gin serves such as the Classic G&T, a Valencian Orange Fizz and English Garden.

Claire Tyson, Fentimans Senior Customer Marketing Manager commented: “When users are mixing our drinks, we need to ensure they’re having the ultimate flavour experience.” 

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