REVIEW: Gin & Tonic Garnish Box by The Spice Pioneer

The gin and tonic garnish craze has exploded over the last few years. Every gin now has a perfect serve – complete with recommended tonic water and garnish. 

We’ve all tried a G&T with a slice of lime or lemon. But have you ever considered spicing things up a bit? Look no further, the Gin and Tonic Garnish Box from The Spice Pioneer helps you do just that. 

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A little bit of background

Seasoned Pioneers are experts in all things flavour. Famous for their world-class herbs, spices and chillis, they decided to give the people what they want and launch a monthly spice subscription service: The Spice Pioneer. Their box takes subscribers on a journey of spiciness, with fresh spices and recipes delivered to your door every month.

Following on from the success of the subscription service, the Spice Pioneer spotted an opportunity to use their knowledge for good in the gin world. The Gin & Tonic Garnish Box was born.

Gin and tonic fever has swept the nation over the past year or so. A large number of gin bars in the UK serve upwards of 30 gins, each with a different garnish to perfectly match the botanicals in the gin. There’s even an app that helps you match any gin with the ideal garnish!

The Gin and Tonic Garnish box takes all of the pressure out of garnishing your drinks. It includes 8 herbs and spices, plus a super handy booklet of serving suggestions for each.

The packaging

The Gin and Tonic Garnish Box comes presented in a slim red and brown box. This packaging is ideal for Christmas deliveries, as it looks like it will fit through most letterboxes!

Open up the box and you are greeted with your eight garnishes, each individually packed in its own airtight pot. Each herb, spice and flower is labelled and stamped with its own best before date. However, I’m told that these garnishes will make great flavoured ice cubes if they do last long enough to get close to their end date!


The garnishes included in the kit are as follows:

  • Rose Petals – Floral, aromatic and vivid pink
  • Lavender – Sweet, floral, with hints of citrus and mint
  • Green Cardamom Pods – Spicey, aromatic, smokey
  • Pink Peppercorns – Spicey, subtly peppery
  • Juniper Berries – Sweetness, piney, enhances gin flavour
  • Star anise – Sweet, liquorice, spicey
  • Saffron threads – Luxurious, musky spice, turn your drink yellow
  • Rosemary – Herby, piney, peppery

Suggested serves

Juniper Berry and Apple G&T

  1. 50ml of gin (Caorunn and apple are a match made in heaven)
  2. 150ml premium tonic
  3. Large handful of ice
  4. A couple of slices of red apple
  5. Five or six juniper berries
  6. Serve in a copa glass

Rosemary and Pink Peppercorn G&T

  1. 50ml of gin (we liked this with Fishers Gin)
  2. 150ml premium tonic
  3. Handful of ice
  4. Pinch of rosemary
  5. Five or six pink peppercorns
  6. Serve in a rocks glass

Spiced Christmas Gin and Tonic

  1. 50ml of a gin (Poetic License Fireside Spiced Gin is perfect)
  2. 150ml premium tonic
  3. Large handful of ice
  4. One star anise
  5. A twist of orange peel
  6. Optional slice of fresh ginger
  7. Serve in a Prosecco glass

Lasting Impressions

I’ve been given a couple of garnish kits as gifts in the past and in comparison, this was definitely the stand-out! Not only does this box have the largest number of garnishes of all the kits I have tried in the past, but it is also the most versatile in terms of mixing and matching.

This would be an ideal gift for any gin lover in your life, or simply just as a little treat to yourself!

You can pick up a Gin and Tonic Garnish box on the Seasoned Pioneers Website.

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Jess Harrier