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Miniature gin gift sets for under £20

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We all love Christmas as a holiday however it can get a bit out of hand when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones.

Truth be told you can still spend reasonably while still enjoy yourself and show to your loved ones how much you care about them.

So if you have a person in your life that loves gin or a person that would like to experiment with gin, this guide for miniature gin gift sets could be exactly what you needed.

Best part is that all gift sets in this guide cost no more than £20.

Flavoured Gin Selection £19.95

This pink gin gift set is for the pink gin lover in your life. This pack consists of 1 x (5cl) bottle of Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger gin, 1 x (5cl) bottle of Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin and 1 x (5cl) bottle of Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur.

You can purchase this on Amazon.

Edinburgh Gin Liqueur Miniature Gift Set £14.89

For any lover of gin liqueurs this miniature gin gift set would be ideal as it contains 1 x Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur (5cl), 1 x Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur (5cl) and 1 x Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Gin Liqueur (5cl).

If you’d like to get one of these you can find it on Amazon

Miniature Gin Gift Set £17.95

The premium gins in this miniature gin gift set come in a range of delicious flavours – from classic styles such as rhubarb or raspberry & rosemary gin to quirky creations such as violet and turkish delight (yum!).

You can find this on Amazon.

Warner Edwards Curiosity Gin Collection £20.00

A selection of Warner Edwards handcrafted British artisan gins ready to be paired up with your favourite mixer and plenty of ice.

You can find this on Amazon.

Ely Gin Taster Gift Box £18.75

After seeing their limited edition christmas flavoured gins we couldn’t be happier to discover their miniature gin gift sets. You’ll be happy to know that the bottles for their gift sets are of 20 cl which is 20 shots in each pack – what a bargain!

You can find this miniature gift set on boroughbox.com

JJ Whitley Selection £12.95

This curious gift set contains a selection of two mini vodkas and two mini gins which will give you a jolly good insight into the world of quaint British flavours.

Find yours at 31Dover.

Tiptree Four Mini Gins Gift Pack £18.99


Tiptree Gin Liqueurs are a delicious combination of fruit grown on the Tiptree estate in Essex and Hayman’s Gin, locally based English gin-makers. This miniature gin gift set contains four miniature 5cl bottles of the Tiptree Fruit Gin Liqueurs: English Strawberry, English Raspberry, English Damson & English Rhubarb.

If you’d like to purchase yours head over to Amazon.

Sipsmith Distillery Gin Gift Set £8.95

Featuring three miniatures of their award-winning London Dry Gin, London Cup and Sloe Gin (the perfect alternative for winter gin tipples), this Sipsmith Gin trio is a great way to discover the brand – and for under £10.

Get yours on 31Dover.

Drinks by the Dram Monkey Gin Base Spirits Tasting Set £19.95

Each one of the 5 gins specially selected in this set is made with a different base spirit, including a neutral base spirit, grapes, apples, single malt spirit and even an un-aged bourbon! Inside this tasting set you’ll find: G’Vine Nouaison Gin, FEW American Gin, Portobello Road No. 171 Gin, Williams Chase Elegant Crisp Gin and Gilt Single Malt Scottish Gin.

Find yours on Amazon.

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