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Hotel Chocolat sells Cocoa Gin and we need it in our lives

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Does the festive season get you in a mood to have all things chocolate? Is it just us?

Triple gold star winner at the Great Taste Awards Hotel Chocolat has a Cocoa flavoured gin so other than Gin hampers and gin advent calendars here’s another trinket that you could consider for the perfect Christmas gift for a gin (and chocolate) lover this year.

Its tasting notes include cacao for a malty, toasted edge, while there are hints of juniper and coriander for high notes. To the finish, orange and grapefruit peel offer a zesty zing.

Truth be told, some pairings are made for each other. Cocoa gin cries out for ice and a thin slice of orange.

It’s rooted in the same principle that sweeter citrus pairs perfectly with chocolate as we have seen from the likes of chocolate orange gin.

This is perfect for a gin and tonic with plenty of ice or as part of a gin cocktail. Simply mix up your martini with a splash of dry vermouth and refreshing twist of orange peel.

Now you can enjoy your fave spirit with hints of chocolate and without the calories – winner!

However, if you feel like really treating yourself, you’ll be happy to know that Hotel Chocolat has been quite diverse with their gin related products, as they also have a gin truffles selector.

These delightful truffles are made of a lively, floral gin, with plenty of juniper, sealed in dark chocolate (yum!)

“A boozy juniper hit all pillowed up inside dark chocolate.” – esquire.co.uk

You can get the Cocoa Gin on Amazon and Hotel Chocolat’s website for £25.00. For the truffles you can find them in-store or on Hotel Chocolat’s website

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