This bubblegum gin liqueur has the perfect shade of pink

It’s no secret that, for a while now, sweet gin liqueurs have continued to increase in popularity as seen from the likes of Lidl’s ginger spiced liqueur and the recently launched Edinburgh Gin Apple & Spice luxury liqueur which seems to be making waves at the minute.

While gin purists are bound to be bowing their head in despair, sweet-tooth ginthusiasts will be delighted with this latest tribute to childhood nostalgia. Expect this one to be pret-ty sweet.

Gin liqueurs are generally much sweeter than their gin counterparts and tend to lack the distinctive juniper profile. If you’ve ever tried Zymurgorium’s ‘Parma Violets’ Gin Liqueur, you’ll get a sense of what this release is all about.

A bright pink gin liqueur from The Cheeky Gin Co., flavoured just like yummy bubblegum. Particularly sweet, but should make for some lively cocktails and mixed drinks. Here’s our take on the top pink gin and Prosecco cocktails if you fancy taking a look.

The bottle sports a simplistic bottle with a playful label featuring nothing else but bubble gums alluring to the playfulness of the gin brand.

To taste, you’ll get hints of strawberry and blackcurrant, with a prickle of juniper sweetness alongside (yum).

The Cheeky Gin Co. Bubblegum gin Liqueur is £16.78 on Amazon.

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