Old Skool Gin has launched a special edition retro gift box

Old Skool gin liqueurs are back at it and this time with the festive season in mind as they have launched a limited edition Old Skool gin gift set a.k.a The Boom Box.

In case you haven’t heard, Old Skool Gin aims to help you escape adulthood with a trip back to kidulthood, and send your taste buds on a wistful exploration of retro sweets and famous fizzy drinks.

This Old Skool gin gift set features three miniatures of their gin liqueurs including Iron Brew, Sweet Violet and Tutti Frutti.

These three exciting gin liqueurs are intended to send you and your friends on a wistful exploration of the retro sweets from your childhood.

Old Skool Gin Liqueurs

If you’re struggling with what to get to a gin lover this Christmas miniature gin gift sets are soaring at the minute. You are likely to find that most of your fave gin brands have launched one for the festive season.

The Lakes Gin have recently launched their own gin miniature gift set which looks divine but also there’s a Tesco gin gift set equivalent for pink gin lovers (as if they would get left out) which you can get for a pretty good bargain.

You can find this retro Boom Box on Amazon for £35.00

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