This Pinkster emergency gin kit is the remedy we need

In case of ginmergency open box!

Self-proclaimed pink gin pioneer Pinkster Gin is back this Christmas with a gin gift set hard to say no to. The Pinkster emergency kit has been manufactured with the intention of keeping you cool in a crisis.

All you have to do is load up your glass with heaps of ice, add gin and tonic and you have yourself a remedy that will not fail you. Garnish with a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked, fresh mint for the ultimate health boost.

You’ve heard us rave about Pinkster gin before as they never seem to disappoint with their launches. Ranging from Valentine’s Day Limited edition gins, to bags of gin containing a whopping three litres of gin we can safely say that they’ve pretty much covered all possible demand out there.

With their focus being on the flavour rather than solely on the colour of the gin, Pinkster Gin producers use the finest of raspberries for their gin.

Of course in that process they make sure to maintain standards to a sustainable and environmentally conscious level as the raspberries that get left behind are then used to produce their famous Gin Jam.

The Pinkster emergency kit contains: 1x5cl Pinkster miniature, 200ml Fever-Tree Tonic and a Pinkster highball glass.

We’re fairly tempted to buy it for ourselves but it goes without saying that this is the perfect Christmas gift for a gin lover.

If you’d like to purchase this gin gift set for a gin lover or even to treat yourself, head over on the Pinkster Gin website for £13.00 or on Amazon where you’ll find it for £20.44.

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