The Strawberry Candy Floss gin is here to satisfy your sweet tooth

Everyone deserves a bit of playfulness and flavour when it comes to their gin. Imagine if your gin looked like a unicorn potion and tasted like, well, magic.

We’ve heard all about gin extras and garnishes as they can really take the flavour a step further if paired up correctly.

What is an Edinburgh Apple & Spice gin liqueur without a couple slices of apple for garnish? Or even, how could you not serve a unicorn cocktail without coloured Twizzlers? That would simply be criminal.

Image: Strawberry candy floss gin

This Strawberry Candy Floss gin not only has a lovely colour but it also has shimmer making it stand out when poured in a glass. Shimmering, pink and tastes like candyfloss! What else would you need?

This pink shimmering sweet creation is best served with a premium tonic water or lemonade and sliced strawberries.

You will find this stunning Strawberry candy floss gin for £34.99 on Durham Ginstitute.

However if you’re feeling that little bit extra for most of your G&Ts – even the ones that don’t have shimmer in them why not add it yourself?

Unicorn Shimmer Co. have an array of drink shimmer syrups to choose from to compliment your G&T or gin cocktail.

Are you in the mood for strawberry syrup, or an orange flavoured syrup? They have it all.

Shimmer syrup, £6.99 Amazon 

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