10 gin infusion kits that you can’t miss out on

Gin is our fave spirit there’s not doubt about that. However, we can’t argue that regardless of the gin brand, one thing that can elevate the tasting experience is the garnish of the gin. And we’ve tried the odd slice of lemon or lime but what about all the other possibilities out there?

If you’re thinking of a gift for a gin-lover who has tried every gin on this world, how about getting them a gin infusions kit? That way they could experiment with something they hopefully haven’t in the past.

Oxi-Gin & Tonic Infusion Bags Luxury Gift Box

Oxi – gin infusions box

This is a box of ten assorted infusion bags for gin & tonic including two of each spiced ginger, raspberry blush, cafe marmalade, atomic peach tea and grapefruit zing.

£13.98 Amazon

Gin & Tonic Garnish Box by the Spice Pioneer

The Spice Pioneer, G&T infusions kit

This is one we have tried and reviewed for you a couple of weeks ago. This contains eight gin infusions, each individually packed in its own airtight pot. The Spice Pioneer offer various spice kits other than just for the purpose of G&T.

£12.95 The Spice Pioneer.

Gin Strawberry Infusions and Raspberry Set

For all pink gin lovers out there, this is the ideal kit for you. This contains 6 gin infusions to mix for your G&T or even for a fresh fruit cocktail.

£14.95 Amazon

Classic Botanical Gin Infusions Gift set tin

Ginfusion Ltd gin infusions kit

Ginfusions’s high quality storage tins contains five pouches of each blend: Spiced, Citrus, Tropical and Rose. They make excellent gifts for gin and spirit enthusiasts and you can purchase refills of your favourite flavours to keep your tin stocked up.

£22.85 The Food Market 

Gin Infusions Kit

Ginspiration Gin Infusion Kit Introducing a new Gin-eration of do it yourself. The Creative-7 gin making kit provides you with everything you need to make your own gin infusions. Whether you plan to gift your new gin flavours or save them for your own taste buds, you’ll find that creating your own gin creations has never been so Gin-credible!

£8.95 Amazon

The Spirit Infusions Kit

Craft Connections Co. – The Spirit Infusion Kit

This Craft Connections Co. kit contains a 1000 ml infusion jar, 750 ml Liquor Bottle w/ Wood Cork Top, Funnel & Strainer with Fine Mesh Filter, Chalkboard tag to label your handmade creation. Also you get a recipe and instruction book for you to make your own premium handcrafted small-batch liquor infusions using all-natural ingredients.

£39.95 Amazon

Gin Fusion Botanicals

Gin Fusion Botanicals

Each unit contains three different flavours that transform your drink in a unique experience. Pour 50ml of into a glass Let the bag brew 2 mins. Add ice an stir well. Add tonic (about 200ml) This pack contains 3 sachets of assorted vegetables species 1 floral gin, 1 spicy gin and 1 mystic gin.

£3.75 Amazon

Christmas Spice Gin Infusing Kit

Christmas Spice gin infusing kit

This kit makes 2 x 700ml bottles of festive infused gin. You will find two infusion blends each inspired by Christmas favourites. Festive spice – all the flavours and aromas of the festive season and Gingerbread – recreate the classic Christmas biscuit in gin form. There are simple and clear instructions with a lifetime support of Sandy Leaf Farm. 

£7.99 Amazon

Gin Infusions gift set for flavouring & making gin

12 tins of botanicals & spices for gin

A delightful selection of botanical ingredients from around the world for you to either garnish a gin and tonic or infuse your own gin if you’re feeling extra. These ingredients will enhance, add complexity and flavour to any gin. The best part is that you can mix and match the ingredients to find your favourite combination!

£23.99 The Food Market 

Gin Tea Bag Infusion Luxury Box


Gin Tea Bag Infusion Luxury Box

Tea and gin lovers rejoice! This luxury box contains 72 tea bags of your two fave things. Enjoy six different flavoring choices red (passion), Rose (Jasmine), Green (Fresh), Yellow (Citric), Orange (Energy) and White (Essential).

£47.50 Amazon

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