Eden Mill strikes again with gin launch ahead of Scottish Rugby

You hopefully will have heard of the infamous Candy Cane gin produced by Eden Mill in light of the festive season as it has been making waves lately.

Eden Mill strikes again with the launch of a new scottish rugby gin ahead of the 1872 Cup.

Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby players went head to head to create a new gin for their team, alongside the distillers in St Andrews.

Wild Myrtle Gin is a limited edition gin made in union with Glasgow Warriors. They  invited Tommy Seymour, Callum Gibbins and Pete Horne to create their clubs gin at their St Andrews Gin School, Blendworks.

Wild Myrtle, also known as Bog Myrtle, was chosen as a key botanical in the gin.

This interesting botanical was chosen because one of the most fearsome warriors in history were known as the Berserkers, these were Viking Warriors (depicted on the Glasgow Warriors club crest).

The Viking Berserkers were renowned for their resistance to pain and they knew no fear, in folklore, it was said before battle they would consume a drink laced with bog myrtle and the effects would encourage a ‘fearsome warrior’ like state of mind.

Eden Mill Scottish Rugby Gin

Wild Myrtle Gin is suggested to serve with Fentimans premium tonic and garnished with blackberries.

You can purchase this tipple on the Eden Mill website or on Amazon for £30.00 (42% ABV). 

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