This Shimmering Violet Gin Would Make Harry Potter Want to Try It

If you love shimmer and violet gins you’re in for a treat. Cottingley gin have launched a Wizard violet gin and its looks like an accurate representation of the name. Simple shake for the magic to happen.

If this reminds you of Zymurgorium parma violet gin, we’re thinking the same. The resemblance of the two tipples’ colours allures to a magical land where Harry Potter and his friends would create gins like these with the help of a spell or two.

We know we have covered quite the selection of shimmering tipples ranging from Strawberry Candy Floss Gin to Unicorn Tears Gin  and even Unicorn cocktails. Basically if it has shimmer we’re on it!


Shimmering violet gin

This shimmering violet gin is a fine concoction of gin and Violets, resulting in a smooth and fresh gin with a taste of enchanting violet sweets.  The Wizard (of Cottingley as we take it), has conjured up this fine concoction inspired by his favourite sweeties from Wizard school’s tuck shop many years ago.

Just think of all the stunning violet cocktails you could make with this stunning tipple. Then again if you’re not as much into that, feel free to enjoy this mixed with your fave tonic water over some ice for the G&T of magical dreams.

£34.00 (70 cl 40% ABV) Amazon

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Carla Nearchou