This Candyfloss’s Gin Bottle Has Pugs On It

Apart from pink gin, we also love candyfloss pink gin especially when it has shimmer in it.

We absolutely adored Durham Institute’s Strawberry Candy Floss gin so much that we wanted more.

The main flavour in the 3 Pugs Candyfloss Gin liqueur is none other than Candyfloss which is always a favourite. A truly mouthwatering flavour with a nostalgic sense evoking images of unicorns on merry-go-rounds.

The second gin liqueur from 3 Pugs and a nod to fairy tales and fairgrounds. The 8 signature botanicals from the original gin recipe never change but are simply added to with the divine flavoursome explosion of sweet candy – you won’t be disappointed!

In case you were wondering their three pugs are named: Pepsi, Mojo and TuTu. To create this Gin they had a vision of 3 Unicorn Pugs on a quest to save the Candy Floss Princess, and this inspired them to take their classic botanical recipe and infuse this with Candy Floss.

The result for the 3 Pugs Candyfloss gin liqueur is a sweet and smooth gin which has wonderful pink candy floss notes along with of underlying juniper and citrus.

You can find this tipple on Amazon for £29.00 (50 cl, 20% ABV)

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