REVIEW: Kirsty’s Gin

Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin is a well-balanced fruity tipple with notes of blueberry, lemon, rose water and spice. This gin pairs up nicely with tonic, in a cocktail or on its own. 

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A little bit of background

Kirsty’s Gin is distilled locally in Angus at Lunan Bay using carefully selected local botanicals chosen by Master Distiller Kirsty Black, after who this gin has been named.

Arbikie Distillery is a family-run business with a traditional ethos aiming to keep up to date with modern distilling practices.

It is the creation of their own unique spirit that sets them apart form other gins, as they grow, distill and bottle on their single-estate in a true farm to bottle operation.

The bottle

Kirsty’s Gin is bottled in a tall sturdy bottle and features the classic branding for Arbikie Distillery’s products: a characteristic “A” which gives their products a cohesive look.

Rather noteworthy is the black panelling at the bottom of the bottle’s design which carries the label “Kirsty’s Gin”. The colours play with the identity of this gin giving it a feminine touch that is balanced out by the distillery’s strong branding.

Overall, the design is simple, clean and effective.


  • Juniper
  • Kelp
  • Carline Thistle
  • Blueberry

The perfect serve

As suggested by the producers,  I served this in a tall glass filled with ice. I added a generous measure of Kirsty’s Gin which I then topped up with some Fever-Tree tonic water. I then added blueberries and two wedges of lemon for garnish which brought out the fruity sweetness of the blueberries and rose water.

However, Kirsty’s Gin can also pair up nicely with any cocktail; the distillery often shares drinks inspiration over on their social media accounts.

On the nose

Kirsty’s Gin is fresh and crisp on the nose, with immediate floral and citrus notes. There are also notes of black pepper, blueberries and rose water, finished by an unexpected warm spicy scent.


Once sipped neat, it is well balanced and rounded on the palate. The creamy notes of black pepper and blueberries pick through gradually allowing an exceptionally smooth finish which fades slowly establishing again a good balance of flavours.

Lasting impressions

Fruity and refreshing yet with a well rounded balance of flavours, this is an exquisite tipple that any gin lover would enjoy.

Kirsty’s Gin is a versatile gin that can be enjoyed on its own, with tonic water or even included in a nice cocktail.

Kirsty’s Gin is available now on Master of Malt for £36.13 or on the Arbikie website for £35.