Orange Sherbet Gin Will Refresh You With Its Zingy Goodness

Although we’re still deep in the winter season, our cravings for refreshing citrus-y flavours have not disappeared and looks like this one can be quenched by this Orange Sherbet Gin – if you’re a gin purist, please look away.

Gravity Drinks have launched what looks like a refreshingly zingy, orange sherbet flavoured gin. What’s interesting is that they add real sherbet to give it that retro sherbet fizz that everyone remembers and is nostalgic about.

Nevertheless, there could be some controversy on the extend to which this could be considered a gin or better yet, a gin liqueur. “Real sherbet” is not considered a traditional gin “botanical” (or botanical in any other sense really) which could definitely raise concerns over this being an actual gin spirit.

Taken by the label on the bottle and the indication of 37.5% ABV however, one could say that the Orange Sherbet Gin is not a liqueur.

Truth be told, we live in the ginnaisence where gin is the beloved spirit of most people (if not all) and the more varieties we can get the better. Besides there’s no harm in enjoying Chocolate orange gin, or a Glittery pink unicorn gin. Let’s not forget about colour changing gin, which can make any adult feel like a kid.

You can enjoy this tipple served chilled with tonic, in cocktails, or simply over ice.

Let’s all live our best lives, gin purists and gin enthusiasts and enjoy whatever floats our boat, you know we won’t judge you whatever your preference is.

Find the Orange Sherbet Gin on Gravity Drinks and Amazon for £24.95 (50 cl 37.5% ABV). 

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