Low Calorie Gin and Tonic Shortlist: This Ginuary Just Got A Lot Better

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to get back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon while also shed some extra pounds gained over the holidays then keep reading.

Before you start worrying about the calories contained in a gin and tonic, you’ll be happy to know that gin is one of the least calorific spirits.

With the calories amounting to an average of 120 per unit you can enjoy your favourite tipple with a light tonic water while working on getting bikini ready.

For the pure purpose of comparison, a pint of beer contains 187 calories, while a pint of cider contains 204 calories (multiply these by say four on a casual night out and you can easily get up to 1000 calories – that’s almost equivalent to a “20 chicken nuggets” portion from McDonald’s).

So let’s get down to business. You can definitely enjoy your favourite gin tipple while also keeping your waist-line as long as you pair it up with a low calorie mixer.

Low Calorie Gins

Bombay Sapphire – 56 calories (25 ml)

Brockman’s Gin – 56 calories (25 ml)

Pickerings Gin – 56 calories (25 ml)

Botanist Gin – 56 calories (25 ml)

Hendrick’s Gin – 54 calories (25 ml)

Gordon’s Gin – 52 calories (25 ml)

 Opihr Gin – 50 calories (25 ml)

Low Calorie Tonic Mixers

Fentimans naturally light tonic water (85 cal per 500 ml bottle)

Schweppes light tonic water (20 cal per 200 ml bottle)

Eager Light Tonic Water (48 cal per 200 ml bottle)

Fever-Tree Tonic Naturally Light (17.5 cal per 150 ml can)

Tesco Finest Light Indian Tonic Water (10 cal per 500 ml bottle)

You can find all of the above at your nearest Tesco apart from Pickerings Gin which you can find on Amazon . 

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