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Didsbury Gin About To Pitch On Dragons Den This Sunday

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As seen by the success stories from the House of Elrick Gin as well as from Collagin , we’ve been delighted to see that the dragons have been happy to invest in gin ventures so far.

The latest gin venture about to pitch in front of the dragons is Didsbury Gin.

Manchester gin-thusiasts Mark Smallwood and Liam Manton created Didsbury Gin in 2017 and the tipple has already been hailed by Vogue Magazine as ‘one of the most exciting new British gins’.

You will probably remember the Didsbury Gin Christmas Pudding Liqueur which is a warming wintery drink described as total festive indulgence.

didsbury gin dragons den
Didsbury Gin

Hot off the heels of redundancy, and a bumper year making gin, Mark from Middlesbrough and Liam from Manchester are set for their biggest challenge yet as they enter the Dragons’ Den.

The craft gin makers bagged themselves three minutes to pitch their plans for world domination to the BBC show’s five resident multi-millionaires in a bid to convince them to invest their own cash in the craft gin company.

Corporate social responsibility manager for a construction firm Liam and partner in gin ex-bar manager Mark, were spookily both made redundant from their respective jobs at the beginning of 2018 just as the gin business was starting to take off.

So thinking that they’d best make the year count they snapped up the BBC’s opportunity to appear on Dragons’ Den and… you will have to wait to hear the rest of the story when the show airs at 8pm on BBC Two on Sunday 13 January, 2019.

Liam said; “It’s been a huge year for us with some monumental highs and lows. We had considered entering Dragons’ Den before but we didn’t think the business was ready yet.  Being made redundant was scary at the time but it was just push that we needed to make this gin thing work.”

Mark continued; “We have already built a really successful brand and the natural next step for us is investment to scale up quickly and take on the big boys. And because we like to do it in style we thought what better than on the TV, as the opportunity arose just after we’d been made redundant it felt like the timing was just right! Liam’s definitely got the wardrobe for TV after all!”.

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