There’s A New Black Gin In The Hood And We’re Intrigued

Coloured gin has already been making quite the statement in the gin world but talk about this Union Black Gin. Can you get bolder than pitch black coloured gin?

Case in point is about the Union Black Jack Gin in particular, which has just been launched with the New Year.

But what do we think about this? We’ve seen a black gin liqueur in the past such as the case of Black Unicorn Tears filled with glitter which we loved as we’re suckers for sparkle.

Then we also came across Ely Gin’s charcoal Black Tonic Water Mixer which we were intrigued by as we’re keen on the health benefits promised by charcoal. Then we didn’t know what to expect from the unusual flavour.

union black gin

Union Black Jack Gin from

One thing we’re certain about is that all black coloured liquids are quite mysterious and have us intrigued, same with “blk” the Premium Alkaline Water.

Nevertheless, this distinctive union black gin, has been hand-crafted in small batches and is infused with warming aniseed.

Aniseed, also known as anise, is a flowering plant from Southeast Asia. Its flavor has similarities with some other spices, such as star anise, fennel, and liquorice which could give a certain sweetness to a spirit.

Gins that feature anise as part of their botanicals are the Pickerings Gin as well as the Junipero Gin.

Let us know what you think of this, as it is certainly a launch we’d be happy to know more about.

You can purchase a bottle of Union Black Jack Gin on for £21.13 (50 cl).   

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