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Hibernation Gin is the Welsh Tipple You Must Try

Hibernation Gin

We toasted to spring with the launch of the Pollination Gin and we’re ready to do it again with the re-release of Hibernation Gin.

Created by Dyfi Distillery, the seasonal duo appear at different times of the year due to their botanicals.

While Pollination Gin is typically regarded as a spring gin, bursting with herbaceous notes of wild flowers and aromatic leaves, Hibernation Gin contains botanicals that appear later in the year: wild crab apples, blackberries, bilberries and lingonberries to be exact.

The gin is then aged over the winter – hibernating – in a port cask.

Image: Dyfi Distillery

The bottle has a slightly different design than that of Pollination Gin in a similar style that carries a cohesive branding for Dyfi Distillery.

Taking into consideration the success of Pollination Gin with winning the Best Gin Award at the Great British Food Awards 2017, it was no surprise that the Hibernation Gin would receive admirable recognition.

It won Best Wild Gin 2018 as well as Number 1 Best Buy by the Independent Top Ten New Gins in April 2017. It is safe to say that this is a tipple every gin lover should try.

To taste, the Hibernation Gin is described as “spicy and fruity, with a burst of cinnamon and sharp apple leading into a core of fruit and sharp grape skin”.

Incense and aromatic grape notes build, before fading behind sweet fruit and soft nutmeg spice.

The finish is described as soft and spicy, with hints of apple, pear and white grape.

This is a gin to sip, or mix it in cocktails where it will shine – why not mix it as part of the perfect Martini or better yet a Negroni?

The Hibernation Gin is available on the Whisky Exchange £42.95 (50 cl, 45% ABV).  

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