Review: The Artisan Drinks Co.

The Artisan Drinks Co has a great craft mixers range to accompany any of your premium spirits bringing out their flavours and aromas beautifully. If you’d like to try these four mixers just head to our competitions and you could win.


The Artisan Drinks Co is a new craft mixers business which has recently launched in the UK & Australia. The brand mainly focuses on premium bars, restaurants, hotels and venues with no current plan to launch in supermarkets any time soon.

Their philosophy is that their mixers will provide something truly different and elegant to their subscribers, a sophisticated range with flavours crafted to enhance premium spirits.

They currently have four elegant craft mixers, Classic London Tonic, Skinny London Tonic, Violet Blossom Tonic & Barrel Smoked Cola.  Their drinks are made with 100% natural ingredients to complement the finest craft spirits.


What’s striking about the packaging is the quirky artwork on the label as well as the fact that each mixer recipe has its individual design. Each of the characters have been created by Al Walsh and developed by Mike Enright (owner of Australia’s best gin bar for 3 years running).

Another aspect that I found quite interesting was the fact that each of the characters has a little story tied onto their personality and consequently to the quality of the craft mixer that they represent, which definitely sets these mixers apart from their competition.


Classic London Tonic

Skinny London Tonic

Violet Blossom

Barrel Smoked Cola


Classic London Tonic

On its own, this mixer has an elegant texture and distinctive quinine aromas. It is said to complement any dry gin hence why I tried it with the Silent Pool Gin. This particular spirit has a vibrant combination of flavours due to its broad range of botanicals which was definitely brought out when combined with the Classic London Tonic.

Skinny London Tonic

Similar to the London Tonic, this mixer has citrus and quinine aromas and flavour, only more subtle. On its own it is less sweet than the Classic London Tonic however with the Silent Pool Gin it still rounds out the flavours of the spirit making it an impeccable combo.

Violet Blossom

I was rather intrigued by the appearance of this mixer primarily because of its soothing violet colour. On its own the Violet Blossom has a subtle floral scent and fruitful taste.

I mixed it with Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin and the combination could be simply described as vibrant. The mixer enhanced the scent and flavour of the spirit and I agree on the fact that it adds “a perfumed complexity to a dry gin without masking the uniquely crafted flavours”.

Barrel Smoked Cola

This cola is decidedly different with barrel aged smokey top notes complementing the cola nut bitterness. This makes an exciting addition to a premium bourbon, whisky or rum over gin. However I would also recommend this as a stand-alone drink as it can definitely be enjoyed that way.

The Artisan Drinks Co


This craft mixer range is definitely one to look out for. I would recommend it, not only because of its eye-catching branding and packaging but also because of the quality of the mixers themselves.

On their own they all have a subtlety which is enjoyable, but when mixed with a premium spirit they bring out all its flavours and aromas beautifully.

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