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This Gin & Juice Bar Offers Healthy Juice and Gin

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If you’re tired of getting gin withdrawals because you’re on a juice cleanse – we’ve got good news for you.

This new bar is the answer to your prayers, as it’s a smoothie and juice bar by day, followed by a gin bar by night – after all, it’s all about keeping a balance isn’t it?

By day, Gin and Juice Cardiff serves amazing healthy breakfasts, lunch and light supper, together with freshly pressed juices. By night, however, this gin & juice bar reveals an extensive range of over 200 gins. (This collection is constantly growing.)

Each gin selected to offer a range that will amaze beginners and satisfy connoisseurs, with our expert selection.

The Gin & Juice is not only an innovative addition to the hospitality industry, but the décor of this place is to die for.

gin and juice cardiff
Gin & Juice Cardiff

There are tables on the terrace positioned in such a way, that they remind us of romantic Parisian restaurants where people can sit side-by-side and enjoy their drink while gazing into the city’s evening life.

The interior gives off vintage vibes accentuated by the plethora of framed images on the walls. What adds to the vintage element is the bar which is over crowded with more than 200 tipples, guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s individual taste.

The finishing touch – and what brings the whole ambiance together, are the velvet sofas and luxurious looking cushions which are sure to make you enjoy your visit at the Gin & Juice in comfort and style.

Gin & Juice is located in Cardiff and it’s open seven days a week, so if you’re around the area or a local make sure to pay a visit. 

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