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There’s a Gin Infused Pink Marmalade and We Can’t Wait for Valentine’s Day

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Firebox has done it again and this time just in time for Valentine’s Day. Imagine having pink gin marmalade spread on your toast after you’ve woken up from the sweetest sleep on Valentine’s Day morning.

This jar of wonder is the latest member of Firebox’s lovely little Spreadable family.  It’s jam-packed with naturally flavoured marmalade, lovingly infused with delicious pink gin – perfect for wooing your Valentine.

Not only that, the marmalade itself is pink too – so you can brag about being super extra this year.

This particular marmalade is handmade by award-winning marmaladiers. There are no artificial colours or flavourings in this gem and all ingredients are natural.

Taken by the success of Firebox and their previous launch of ordinary gin marmalade our expectations are pretty high.

One thing is for certain, the gin preserves industry is growing steadily but surely, giving us all sorts of cupboard staples such as the Pinkster Gin Jam, the Damson & British Dry Plum Gin Jam, the Blackberry & Sloeberry Gin Jam, and Gooseberry & Sloe Gin Jam.

Image / Firebox

Single? Spread the #selflove on a piece of toast and give yourself the ultimate pamper evening, you deserve it.

You can get the Pink Gin Marmalade on Firebox for £9.99.

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