Pink Gin Truffles Are What Gin Dreams Are Made Of

If you’re a gin lover with a sweet tooth then this is your lucky day as gin truffles are very much a thing.

Handmade strawberry chocolate truffles with premium pink gin, popping candy and a dash of lemon and lime that is. If loving them is wrong we don’t want to be right.

Following on from the success of their gin truffles collection The London Chocolate Co. introduce these pink gin truffles to their signature chocolate portfolio.

Handmade in London, these delicious truffles are created using carefully selected ingredients including Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin.

These gin inspired chocolates are infused with flavour profiles used by the world’s best cocktail barista’s and pastry chefs.

If pink strawberry flavour isn’t particularly of your taste, you’ll be happy to know that the London Chocolate Co. has a wide variety of booze infused delicacies.

Another one being the Gin Truffles Collection Gift Box.

This particular box is a collection of hand crafted gin inspired chocolate truffles including Gin & Tonic, Raspberry Gin, Rhubarb & Ginger and Seville Orange Gin – yum.

These delicious truffles are created using carefully selected ingredients such as the Tanqueray Gin inside the G&T truffle and the William Chase Gin inside the Seville Orange Gin truffle.

A collection of eight artisan truffles is presented in the London Chocolate Co.’s signature gift box.

If you’d like to surprise a special someone on Valentine’s day these could be the perfect gift idea. Retailing at £11.75 from the London Chocolate Co. 

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