Scottish Couple Distil Haggis Flavoured Gin For Burns Night

Simon and Debbie Rutherford

It’s one thing to celebrate Burns Night with haggis complimented by a refreshing G&T, but it’s another to have a G&T with haggis infused gin.

You read that right, word has it for a couple from the Scottish Borders being the inventors of such an intriguing tipple.

Debbie Rutherford and husband Simon who run Rutherfords Micropub in Kelso, started their gin-making journey back in October 2017.

They had distilled a Parma Violets and Rose Petals in the past, but they wanted to take it to the next level in the run-up to Burns Night.

The couple was definitely creative when they came up with the idea of a haggis flavoured gin.

Debbie said: “The idea has always been to have really unusual drinks – we give people an experience when they come in. We have got our own gin over a year ago and have been experimenting. I suggested Parma Violet, and said ‘it’s like Marmite’ – we then started thinking about different things, and thought ‘what about haggis?’ “It would be something really different.”

She also added: “We looked at recipes for haggis and looked and all the spices and experimented with those. The first time was disgusting – there was too much nutmeg.”

And before you let your worries deter you from trying this gin, to taste it is described as “spiced gin”.

To serve mix the haggis flavoured gin with some Irn-Bru in true Scottish style as the distillers suggest. Nevertheless, this tipple works well with tonics as well so feel free to mix it with your favourite premium tonic.

If you’re interested in buying the Haggis Infused Gin it will be for sale behind the bar and also online for £24 (50 cl bottle). 

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