REVIEW: Broken Bones Gin

Broken Bones Gin is a fresh, juniper-led gin with a tonne of sweet citrus flavour. Distilled and bottled in Slovenia, Broken Bones contains locally sourced juniper and rosehip, which bring soft floral and piney notes to create a smooth and well-balanced gin. 

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Broken Bones Gin is the brainchild of Boštjan Marušič and Borut Osojnik, two friends from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Both equipped with a family history of wine and spirits production, they set out to create a gin distilled with traditional methods but with a distinctive Slovenian feel.

The name for their distillery came about from an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) accident. Borut and Boštjan were filling their first whiskey barrels, when a mishap resulted in them both going to hospital with a broken leg and a broken nose. Seeing the humour in the situation, they named their distillery “Broken Bones” as a homage to the fact that bones were literally broken to make their spirits!


The full list of botanicals for Broken Bones Gin is a well-guarded secret. However, we do know a number of the key botanicals. Furthermore, they make their gin with a molasses base alcohol- a very unique neutral spirit to use in gin distillation. Other ingredients include:

  • Locally sourced juniper
  • Locally sourced rosehip
  • Linden flowers
  • Coriander
  • Cardamon
  • Angelica root
  • Liquorice
  • Orris root
  • Lemon Zest


Broken Bones Gin comes in packaging that beautifully reflects their name. Our bottle arrived in a gorgeous presentation box, with a fresh, clean design. On the box is a sketch of a bird skull, topped with a crown of gin botanicals. The Broken Bones logo is emblazoned on the box in a bold, black font – complete with two bones, representing the bones that were broken on the day the company name was conceived.


Although the distillery do not suggest a perfect serve for their gin, we think it works really well with citrus fruits to bring out those lemony notes. Our suggested serve would be:

  1. 50ml Broken Bones Gin
  2. 150ml Premium Tonic (I had London Essence Classic Tonic)
  3. A twist of lemon peel
  4. A handful of ice


On the nose, Broken Bones Gin smells rich and decadent. It has a very inviting scent, full of citrus and hints of floral sweetness. The botanicals coming through the strongest are the lemon peel, liquorice and juniper – with slight spicy aroma from the cardamom pods.


Sipped neat, the piney notes of juniper take the lead. The sweet citrus flavours of the lemon peel are joined by delicate floral notes from the linden flower and rosehip. Finally, a strong punch of coriander gives this gin a long, spicy finish.


I had Broken Bones Gin served in a 3:1 ratio with tonic. This allowed the zesty citrus notes of the lemon peel to really shine. Bitter spice from the cardamom and coriander muddles well with the bitter earthiness of the angelica root. To finsh, liquorice adds a hint of sweetness, to balance out the strong flavour of their locally-picked juniper berries.


Broken Bones Gin is the first Slovene gin that I have tried and I must say, if all gins from Slovenia taste this good – bring me more! This is a smooth gin, with a lovely rich mouthfeel and a great flavour. If you’re looking to branch out and try some gins from further afield, Broken Bones is a must-try.

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