Gin Lane 1751 Uses The Same 8 Botanicals In Their Gin Range

If you haven’t heard, here at Gin Kin we love all things gin. What we love even more though, is gin that screams quality and that is expected to please our tastebuds, which looks like the case with Gin Lane 1751.

The London based distillery is run by eighth generation Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell. The Gin Lane 1751 spirits are 100% pure grain, handcrafted in small traditional pot distils – using the same eight botanicals to produce their whole range, which is quite impressive.

Their gins originate in an age when there was a bold predominance of juniper berries, hints of liquorice and a refreshing citrus finish.

London Dry Gin

The Classic.  A full-bodied London Dry gin with a predominance of juniper, star anise and refreshing citrus.  Bold, yet smooth, this is a “gin for gin lovers.”

Victoria Pink Gin

A well-balanced gin with juniper still at the forefront but with a harmonious balance of herbal and spiced bitters.

Old Tom Gin

A sweeter style gin, they’ve increased the star anise botanical and added a touch of refined sugar to create a full-bodied, perfectly balanced gin.  Traditionally, Old Tom gin should never be barrel aged nor have any color to the liquid making this a tipple for all classic gin lovers.

London Dry royal Strength Gin

At a higher proof than their standard London Dry, the higher alcohol content allows the botanicals to further release, giving off more pronounced flavors.

You can find the range on Master of Malt for £22.33 – £24.45 (70cl, 40%).

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