Glitter Bomb Gin Liqueurs Are A Game Changer for Gin Lovers

We’ve seen the success of Hubba Bubba Gin liqueurs over the summer, and it was about time that “Sweet Little” made another launch that would get the internet talking – case in point, Glitter Bomb Gin Liqueurs.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day treat more than a glitter infused liqueur in a heart shaped bottle or a bottle of gin accompanied by bouquet of flowers.

Self-proclaimed as the “flagship in glitz and glamour”, these Glitter Bomb gin liqueurs are surely not to go unnoticed as they are “a must for any bar that wants to shine”!

glitter bomb gin liqueur

Glitter Bomb Gin Liqueur Range by Sweet Little

The gin debate is of course ongoing especially in regards to gin liqueurs and their versatility. Nevertheless, the Glitter Bombs are said to contain 18% alcohol and are gin based. Truth be told though, the range’s flavours could raise some eyebrows in the gin-sphere.

The liqueurs are gin based with Bubblegum gin liqueur combined with pearlescent glitter which gives them their quirky shine. To activate the glitter and see it in action simply shake the bottle.

The Glitter Bomb range consists of Blingberry, Razberry, Love Hearts and Glamango.

Show your Love on Valentine’s Day with these heart shaped bottles of gin liqueur. Every bottle has a scratch off love heartz message, from ‘Be Mine’ to Miss You’ there are 16 different messages to collect.

You can purchase the Glitter Bomb range on Ginspiration and on Sweet Little Liqueur’s website for £23.99 (50 cl, 18% ABV).

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