Asda Oil Slick Gin Glasses Will Add A Stylish Quirk To Your G&T

The debate between gin purists and lovers of gin-novation in the form of colour changing gin and gin liqueurs is on-going.

Whether you love your G&T to be quirky and change colour or you’re a lover of all things “London Dry” when it comes to your gin, the good news is that both categories have tipples in abundance, and all types of thirsts can be quenched.

If you fall in the group of gin-thusiasts that love a bit of quirkiness in their gin experience, then that definitely goes for gin glasses as well.

Oil Slick Glasses

We’ve seen unicorn glasses, reviewed Dartington’s balloon glasses and loved the sophisticated look of Harris Gin’s glasses. Nevertheless there has been a new addition to the mix and once again ASDA does not fail to impress.

Case in point is this set of two gin glasses featuring a rather quirky look.

In a beautiful oil slick finish, these two gin glasses from George Home feature a balloon-shaped bowl and slim stem, perfect for gin lovers.

Raise your glass in style with this set of two, iridescent gin glasses featuring a multi-coloured design, they’re a stylish and fun option for all occasions.

You can pick these up from ASDA for the modest price of £7 per set (600 ml capacity). 

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