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REVIEW: Lind and Lime Gin

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Lind & Lime Gin is a gin forged entirely from the talent, heritage and industry of Edinburgh and its historic distilling district of Leith. 

A Little Bit of Background

Scotland’s first ever vertical distillery, the Port of Leith Distillery is set to be a landmark new tourist attraction, with a bold design and panoramic views over Edinburgh, Leith and the harbour. Lind & Lime Gin is the very first spirit produced by The Port of Leith Distillery Co.

The name is inspired by Dr. James Lind of Edinburgh, who conducted one of the first clinical trials aboard the HMS Salisbury. In these trials, he noted that the scurvy patients eating citrus fruits were showing good signs. Hence the addition of lime within this gin.

To balance the powerful citrus freshness, the distillers also used pink peppercorn alongside five other botanicals (including juniper) to create the recipe. The result is a base spirit at 96% ABV which they re-distill with a carefully curated recipe of 7 botanicals to ensure that each of them is working in delicate harmony.


  • Juniper
  • Lime
  • Pink peppercorns

The Bottle

The shape of the bottle is what would typically be expected for wine. There is embossing all over the bottle but also on the base, where you can see the words “Leith Glass Works”, a name that will feature on all the spirit bottles produced by the Port of Leith in the years to come.

The stunning shape and quality of glass were inspired by the local industrial heritage of the Port of Leith which was the gateway to Scotland’s capital city back in the 14th Century.  Wines and spirits were shipped in barrels, and would be bottled upon arriving into the harbour.

This trade required large quantities of glass bottles. The business was also supported by increasing demand for glass vessels for Edinburgh’s medical community, and a growing reputation for ‘fine crystal and window glass’ towards the end of the century.


Lind and Lime Gin smells gorgeous. Once you take off the stopper you are greeted with a crisp and fresh aroma. The scents of juniper and lime take the lead. These are accompanied by a slight hint of spice which lingers in the background.


Bright citrus, fresh and authentic is how I would describe this. Lind and Lime gin is smooth and subtly spicy, complemented by a spicy warmth.

With Tonic

I served Lind and Lime over ice with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water as I wanted to let the simplicity and subtlety of its flavours be prominent.

The simple tonic allowed some of the more subtle notes of this gin to shine.

The citrusy spice of cardamom mingles delightfully with the bitter citrus of lime while the punchy juniper provides the “ginny” taste which essentially makes this gin taste like gin.

Lasting Impressions

I was looking forward to trying this gin ever since word got out about it launching and I must say that it did not disappoint. Lind and Lime Gin is a delicious tipple, smooth and rich, but at the same time maintains a well rounded balance of flavours. A must-try for all gin lovers.