REVIEW: Spread The Love Pink Gin Marmalade

Spread the Love Gin Marmalade is an interesting preserve you can add to your toast for that kick of juniper flavour. Make sure to head to our competitions page if you’d like to win a jar for yourself.


‘Spread the Love’ Pink Gin Marmalade is the latest gin-infused product to emerge from Firebox, a popular online store that specialises in unusual gifts.

It’s most famous for ‘Unicorn Tears’ a range of shimmering gin liqueurs that is not without controversy in the gin industry.

The increasing rise in gin’s popularity has led to several products being marketed without containing gin at all, while, on the other hand, popular distilleries such as Pinkster and Four Pillars Gin now produce their own gin preserves as an alternative source of income.

This marmalade is actually created by The Proper Marmalade Company, who make award-winning preserves in North Devon.


‘Spread the Love’ is clearly marketed around Valentine’s Day or even just the idea of a romantic breakfast in bed thanks to its baby pink labelling and branding.

What gin lovers really want to know, however, is does this product contain gin? The answer is that it contains 5% of unspecified gin. It’s likely the inclusion of pink grapefruit in the ingredients is where the idea of ‘pink gin marmalade’ comes from over the addition of a pink gin itself.

On the nose

The marmalade is immediately fruity with a real citrus depth.  Neither pink grapefruit or juniper feels strongly apparent.


Surprisingly, the marmalade feels closer to an orange marmalade than the pink grapefruit in the ingredients would suggest. It begins with a similar citrus taste but it’s the ending of the taste that really differs.

There’s a strong kick at the end that does bring to mind the unique taste of juniper. Whether it’s welcome in a fruity jar of marmalade is another matter entirely, however.

Of course, marmalade is a key ingredient in a Breakfast Martini but would you necessarily fancy a Breakfast Martini at 9 in the morning?

Lasting Impressions

A rather quirky product that could spice up any breakfast occasion, it would also make a great gift if you’re looking to treat a special someone on Valentine’s Day.

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Ashleigh Gibbs