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12 Gin Glasses You Should Have Your G&T From

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Whether you identify yourself as a gin connoisseur or you’ve recently developed an interest in gin tasting, you’ve probably wondered whether the gin glasses you drink out of plays a role in your gin tasting experience.

Well, it does, as the shape and size can compliment the scent, taste and oxidation of the spirit enhancing its tasting experience.

Lucky for you, we have the ideal guide going over the main types of gin glasses but also giving you a few alternatives for each shape in terms of pricing and design.

The Copa glass

The large bowl of this glass is intended to heighten the aroma and enhance the flavour of the gin making it the ideal glass for a G&T.

gin glasses
Dartington Gin O’Clock Copa Glass £20 per glass DC Thomson Shop


gin glasses
Personalised Gin Glass with Friends TV Show Quote “The one where” Friends TV show gift £9.95 per glass Etsy


The highball glass

It could be considered as the classic G&T glass as it is known to be used for “tall” cocktails that contain a large proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer and are poured over ice.

Dartington Crystal Party Pack Slim Gin Highball Glasses £27.00 (six glasses) John Lewis


Nomu Blue Highball Glass £7.00 Oliver Bonas

the martini glass

The greater exposure to air that the martini glass provides helps the spirit to open up, and its complex botanicals are more discernible than they would be if it were served in a narrower glass. The steeply sloping sides also prevent the cocktail’s ingredients from separating, and help to support a toothpick of olives which we all love.

Isle of Harris Martini Glass £15.00 per glass Isle of Harris Distillers Ltd.


Irina platinum silver martini glass £8.07 CB2

the lowball glass

the old fashioned glass or simply lowball glass can be used to serve spirits such as whisky with ice cubes or to serve cocktails such as a G&T.

Villeroy & Boch colourful life glass tumbler £19.9 (set of 4) Selfridges


Habitat Joy Glassware £9.00 (set of 6) Argos

the coupe glass

Also known as the Champagne Coupe or the Champagne saucer, this is a stemmed glass featuring a broad, shallow bowl.

Waterfall Coupe Glass, Rose £14.00 Anthropologie
Speakeasy Stemmed Gold Banded Coupe Glass £7.00 Cult Furniture

the flute glass

While most commonly used for sparkling wines, flutes are also used for cocktails such as G&Ts as the narrow shape helps gather the aroma for the nose.

Rachael Champagne Flute Glass £53.00 Dartington Chrystal


Sainsbury’s Home Serenity Champagne Glasses (set of 4) £5.00 Sainsbury’s

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