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This Kit Let’s You Make Sensational Gin Cookies

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What if we told you that in just 15 minutes you could be feasting on your very own batch of warm, fragrant, gooey, crunchy gin-infused cookies?

So easy to make. So delicious. This kit takes care of all the boring baking “science” so all you really need to do is add some butter and pour a generous amount of your favourite gin.


The finished cookies are the perfect sweet delight to satisfy your sugar cravings with the effortless tastiness of a G&T.

You can always get creative with these and experiment with adding a bit of lemon zest or add a splash of Campari and vermouth for some Negroni vibes. Yum.

If cookies are not really your thing, you can always opt for a delicious gin marmalade.

The gin preserves industry is growing steadily but surely, giving us all sorts of cupboard staples such as the Pinkster Gin Jam, the Damson & British Dry Plum Gin Jam, the Blackberry & Sloeberry Gin Jam, and Gooseberry & Sloe Gin Jam.

With all this variety there is ample choice for all preferences.

If you fancy getting a kit for yourself you will find it on Firebox.com for the price of £9.99. Suitable for Vegetarians. 

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