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Review: The English Drinks Company – Lemon Grove Gin

Featured Image for Review: The English Drinks Company - Lemon Grove Gin

Lemon Grove Gin is the ultimate citrus gin. Bursting with sweet, lemony flavours, this gin will please gin-lovers and gin-sceptics alike. 

A Little Bit of Background

The English Drinks Company launched their first gin in 2016. Originally producers of soft drinks, they were inspired to create their first product – Cucumber Gin – after customers started mixing their sparkling cucumber drink with gin.

Since then, they’ve have released a number of gins, including The Orangery Gin and a Classic Pink Gin. Their latest release, Lemon Grove Gin, is the next in line of a portfolio of quintessentially English gins.


The recipe for Lemon Grove Gin appears to be a closely guarded secret. In fact, after an hour or so of scouring the internet, a botanicals list was nowhere to be found.

One thing is for sure, though – there in most certainly lemon in here and lots of it. Other than the sweet citrus notes of lemon, it’s quite hard to pick out any other individual flavours. Of course, every gin must have juniper in it, so we can say with certainty that there is some in here. There’s also some nutmeg and cassia bark, for a pinch of subtle spice.

The Bottle

Every bottle of The English Drinks Company gin is served in the same shaped bottle – short and stocky with curved shoulders and a very thick base. The label is very similar to their Orangery Gin design.  A bright yellow background is decorated with an intricate green design, depicting a quaint lemon grove.

The Perfect Serve

Our perfect serve for Lemon Grove Gin is as follows:

  • 50ml Lemon Grove Gin
  • 150ml Premium Tonic
  • Handful of ice
  • Of course, a slice of lemon

However, this could definitely be sipped neat over ice too if you’re in the mood for it!

The Gin

On the Nose

There’s only one word to describe the smell of this gin: delicious. The fresh, fruity scent of lemons fills your nostrils as soon as you pop the cork. The aroma of this gin makes me feel like I am wondering through a lemon farm in Sorrento on a hot summers day, breathing in the bright citrus perfume of lemon peel.


Lemon Grove Gin is highly drinkable without any mixer at all. My first tasting was 25ml, poured over ice. This gin is so lemony that I could honestly believe that it was not a gin. In fact, it is very reminiscent of limoncello and other lemon-based liqueurs.

Although lemon is the over-riding flavour here (which by the way is definitely not a negative), you can also make out some more complex, spicy notes when sipping this neat.

With Tonic

In a large G&T is where this gin really shines. Lemon Grove Gin truly belongs in a gin and tonic – it is dangerously tasty. I somehow managed to have three glasses in an hour or two when I first got my hands on it.

Sweet, zesty lemon peel muddles with hints of piney juniper to produce a refreshing and flavoursome drink. Add a slice of lemon and you are truly in heaven.

Lasting Impressions

Fans of citrusy gins – you need this in your life. This could, in truth, be the ultimate lemon gin and my favourite so far of the English Drinks Company Range.

I imagine Lemon Grove Gin being particularly popular in the summer months, due to its refreshing nature and bright citrus flavour.