A Gin Creme Easter Egg Exists and It Looks Delicious

With Easter getting closer we’re looking forward to the festivities and of course all the chocolate. If you fancy a change this year though, there is a new chocolate egg which contains the mainstream ingredients and not only.

The set of eggs was developed by world-class, award-winning chocolatier Gabriella Cugno using the finest ingredients and organic chocolate from “Love Cocoa”.

Each egg has a “yolk and white” which is made separately from scratch using the finest, freshest ingredients from Broadway Market in Hackney.

As the process of making these takes three days they only produce 75 products in total (so 300 eggs).

Love Cocoa Dream Eggs

The eggs come in a set of four and contain four flavours of which: passion and mango, nutty praline, salty caramel and of course gin.  Yes, you read that right, one of the eggs contains our favourite tipple, gin.

Like a gin lover’s dream, the gin egg has fresh juniper infused in the yolk’s centre. That is surrounded by dark chocolate shell and luscious white chocolate ganache.

The egg is then finished off with a blue painted shell made from organic ingredients.

If you’d like to buy a set in time for Easter you’ll have to hurry as these are on limited supply. Each set costs £25. You can purchase the limited edition dream eggs on Love Cocoa.

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