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14 Orange Gins and Gin Liqueurs You Need To Have On Your Radar

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Best Orange Gin

Orange gin has been breaking trends on the interweb in the ramp up to summer and that only leads us to one question: Could this mean the end of an era for pink gin?

Undoubtedly, there’s been a real shift in the gin-sphere, as flavoured gin continues to soar in popularity.

If you fancy treating yourself to a tasty tipple or two, here are the finest orange gins and gin liqueurs that you should definitely keep an eye on…


Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Gin

Made with bittersweet Seville Oranges while still balanced with the four botanicals of Tanqueray’s classic London Dry gin, this is a favourite worldwide according to the Brands Report 2018.

You can purchase a bottle on Amazon for £20.00 (70 cl, 41.3% ABV). 

Marylebone Orange & Geranium Gin

This small-batch Orange and Geranium flavoured gin comes from the Pleasure Gardens Distilling Co. in London.

It is crafted using eight botanicals and bottled at 46.2% ABV providing you with an abundance of orange and geranium notes balanced out by floral tones and bright juniper.

You can purchase a bottle on Master of Malt for £40.95 (70 cl, 46.2% ABV).

Sipsmith Orange & Cacao


It should be clear by now that chocolate and orange are a combination that exceeds edible options as it can also be enjoyed in a drink including gin.

With a base of Sipsmith London Dry gin, the Sipsmith Orange & Cacao combines a syrup made from raw cacao nibs and fresh orange peel.

The result is a sweet and zesty spirit with notes of fresh orange juice alongside orange marmalade with creamy vanilla and gooey dark chocolate fondant (this is where we start wiping off our drool).

You can purchase a bottle on Master of Malt for £31.95 (50 cl, 40% ABV). 

Aberfalls Orange Marmalade

Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin

After reviewing this tipple, we’ve got the details first hand and in all honesty this gin did not disappoint.

Can easily be sipped straight or with tonic both delivering completely different taste experiences. It simply delivers on all fronts.

You can purchase a bottle on Amazon for £23.67 (70 cl, 41.3% ABV). 

Seville Orange & Persian Lime

Set to be the flavour of the summer, Aldi’s Seville Orange & Persian Lime Gin promises to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to the UK with its distinctive juniper notes, carefully balanced by subtle aromas of tangy yet sweet oranges.

Sounds like summer in a bottle and we can’t say that we mind that!

You can purchase a bottle in-store at Aldi or online for £14.99 (70 cl, 37.5% ABV). 

City of London Murcian Orange Gin

City of London Murcian Orange Gin

This tipple was made with a traditional London Gin botanical base and packed with vibrant citrus.

To taste there are aromatic notes of sticky orange marmalade and warming spices, with notes of juniper on the lengthy finish.

You can purchase a bottle on Master of Malt for £34.95 (70 cl, 41.3% ABV). 

Chase Seville Marmalade

Chase Seville Marmalade

Waxy citrus oils lead followed by fruity notes on the nose, similar to a hot cross bun.

The taste is smooth and well-rounded of sweet oranges while the finish is full bodied giving a burst of fresh orange zest. Chase Seville Marmalade gin mixes well in a negroni due to its zingy and crisp attributes.

You can purchase a bottle on Chase Distillery’s website for £38.50 (70 cl, 40% ABV).

Orange & Blossom Gin


Although still not available for purchase, still, this tipple caught our attention. Said to be infused with eight aromatic botanicals and packed with zesty orange blossom and thyme this sounds like a tipple that screams summer with a G&T under the sun.

Goes on sale on the 28th April for £16 at Sainsbury’s. 

Liverpool Valencian Orange Gin

Liverpool Valencian Orange Gin is a zesty premium organic gin made with the same combination of distinctive botanicals as Liverpool Gin but with the addition of the zesty citrus notes of oranges from Valencia.

The result is a flavour with intense juniper and a complex but well-balanced botanical attribute.

You can purchase a bottle on Amazon for £42.43 (70 cl, 43% ABV). 

G12 Grapefruit & Mandarin Gin

Although oranges are not explicitly included in the contents of this gin, still we thought mandarins were good enough of an excuse for us to mention it as it looks very promising.

Distilled with fresh mandarin, this gin delivers a complex juniper led, grapefruit citrus flavour.

Accentuated by hints of cassia, light floral coriander and finished with sweet mandarin this would be ideal over some ice with a premium tonic and garnished with a wedge of grapefruit.

You can purchase a bottle on Amazon or at Aldi for £19.99 (70 cl, 40% ABV).

The Dundee Gin Co. Marmalade Gin

Leon Ellis from the Dundee Gin Company

This is Dundee Gin Co.’s signature product based on its classic dry gin. The Marmalade Gin was created in tribute to Dundee’s jam-making history.

The profile of this tipple is dominated by a fruity sweetness that will lend itself to a variety of cocktails.

You can purchase a bottle on Master of Malt for £20.95 (50cl, 26.5% ABV).


Edinburgh Gin Spiced Orange Liqueur

Edinburgh Gin Liqueur

Intense orange colour with hints of cinnamon and spice bring eastern promise and a honeyed raisin finish to this tipple. Excellent with a premium tonic, soda or lemonade or mixed in cocktails.

Unfortunately this is not currently in stock but keep an eye out on Amazon if you’re interested in purchasing a bottle in the future (50 cl, 20% ABV).

Boë Spiced Orange Gin Liqueur

Spiced Orange French Martini with Boe Spiced Orange Gin Liqueur

Described as having the perfect balance of the bitter sweet taste of oranges blended with festive spices this was definitely a liqueur we had to include on our list.

The Boë Spiced Orange Gin Liqueur could easily be enjoyed with tonic, soda or lemonade, as part of a cocktail or even with Champagne if you’re feeling a bit extra.

You can purchase a bottle on Master of Malt for £16.95 (50 cl, 20% ABV).

Orange Sherbet Flavoured Gin Liqueur

A controversial entry on the list, this Sherbet Gin Liqueur has actual sherbet in it and may please those with experimental taste buds.

It’s not going to go down well with every gin enthusiast, we understand, but we’ll let you be the judge regardless.

This Orange Sherbet Liqueur could be enjoyed with tonic over ice, in a cocktail or simply neat if you’re feeling brave.

You can purchase a bottle on Master of Malt for £23.95 (50 cl, 37.5% ABV).

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