You can now get a free gin & tonic if your train is delayed

Following the huge success of last year’s initiative and with train punctuality plummeting to a 13 year low in the UK, Gordon’s gin is back delighting consumers once more and turning their travel woes into travel wins.

The popular gin brand’s #YayDelay service will officially re-launch across the country on Friday 3rd May.

Enter Gordon’s scheme called YayDelay and if you’ve been inconvenienced you can claim back compensation in the form of gin.

That’s right. It sounds like some kind of utopic dream but the brand has genuinely launched its very own website to support the initiative.

If your train is delayed, you can use the hashtag #YayDelay in order to potentially receive either 50% off your gin or even claim a free G&T.

#YayDelay monitors news, social chatter and real-time train delays in order to unlock the 2 for 1 Gordon’s gin & tonics offer for frustrated travellers.

A 2 for 1 Gordon’s G&T coupon can then be claimed via the Gordon’s gin UK Facebook Messenger chatbot and redeemed at Stonegate Pubs, including Slug & Lettuce, Yates, Proper Pubs and Walkabout outlets across England and Wales.

Gordon’s gin

Following the Friday 3rd May Launch, #YayDelay will then be available to weary travelers over the summer if there is enough train delay chatter online to trigger the services, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the service ahead of embarking on their onward journeys.

Follow the Gordon’s gin UK Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and find out when you can treat yourself or head to to keep up-to-date to find out when you can treat yourself to a two pre-train tipples for the price of one.

Yippee. We simply couldn’t think of a better way to spread the joy then with our favourite tipple.


Ashleigh Gibbs