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There’s a Gin Garden That Rewards People For Walking – With Free Gin

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There’s nothing like discovering a gem of a gin experience and we might just have the perfect one to share.

If you’re looking for an excuse to get outdoors in the warmer weather then there’s no finer motivation than knowing you’re going to have a cool, crisp G&T in your hand by the end of it.

For those who love soaking rays and relaxing in idyllic surroundings, there’s actually a gin bar tucked into a botanical garden in Liverpool.

Quick! Come and enjoy some sunshine…and gin ??#summer #liverpool #gin

Posted by Botanical Garden on Sunday, 23 July 2017

In fact, it’s Liverpool’s only garden dedicated to gin, hosting World Gin Day events, as well as giving you the chance to indulge in seriously delicious gin cocktails.

Some of the mouthwatering cocktails in the past have included everything from The Tarragona (Portobello Road Gin, oleo saccharum, fresh lemon & tarragon, soda, served with a lemon slice and tarragon sprig) to The Hot G&T (Portobello Road Gin, tonic syrup, boiling water, served with an orange twist & juniper berries.)  

While the weather is deciding which way to go, come and perch yourselves down in our greenhouse and sample a few of our favourites ??

Posted by Botanical Garden on Friday, 28 July 2017

Fancy popping in? Well, make it a Tuesday because this special location has one final secret to share: if you walk 10,000 steps around Liverpool you’ll get a free gin.

Of course, you have to prove you’ve gone that extra mile. Upon arrival simply show the steps on your phone, but don’t think of cheating as the garden assures gin lovers they do have means of checking for sure!

To find out more, why not drop in and ask about it over on 49 New Bird Street? (Presumably before you commit to your new exercise!)

We expect an offer this good can only be limited time only…

You can also discover more information about this hidden gin joint over on their official Facebook page.

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