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Ryan Reynolds Is Hard at Work in a Hilarious New Gin Advert

ryan reynolds aviation gin advert

Our lives were recently enriched when we heard that Ryan Reynolds joined the gin world, becoming the new boss of Aviation American Gin.

And now the story seems to be the gift that keeps on giving as a hilarious new advert featuring the ‘Deadpool’ star has been released.

The new Aviation Gin commercial, named ‘Dedication,’ sees Reynolds painstakingly forging each bottle by hand and etching his signature onto each bottle personally.

Some of you may also be interested to know that there is a generous amount of slow-motion arm muscle bulging as a sweaty Reynolds gets down to some hard graft for his newly-acquired gin brand.

Reynolds seems more than happy to put his star quality front and centre of his gin’s branding and we suspect many will be happy to see more of him judging by the quality of the commercials so far.

Just a few months ago Hugh Jackman produced an equally hilarious ad for Aviation in which he and Reynolds created adverts for each other’s companies. The clip of them reacting to each other’s ads is well worth a watch.

Advertising aside, we have to admit Aviation Gin is pretty much the full package.

Produced in America it has a unique botanical mix that results in a smooth drinking flavour. It’s close to a typical London Dry, with added notes of citrus and floral.

We can’t wait for the next instalment of Aviation ads and judging by fan reaction there’s no doubt that slick operator Reynolds will be centre stage again.

Now that gin just got cooler, we reckon the rest of the gin world is going to have to up its branding game…

Fancy trying the gin for yourself?

Aviation Gin is available over on Drink Supermarket for £32.09

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