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A Delicious New Honey and Raspberry Gin Has Us Buzzing with Anticipation

honey and raspberry gin

For a delicious update to a summery G&T, you can’t get much more exciting that a new fruity-style gin release and Orkney Distilling have you covered with the release of their honey raspberry gin.

Called Beyla, this Old Tom-style pink gin actually imbues local Orcadian honey and Scottish raspberries into their Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin.

It’s the fifth gin release from the Kirkwall-based company, and is suitably named after the Norse goddess of bees.

The Norse connection continues Orkney Distilling’s characteristic brand themes, which take inspiration from the Viking heritage of the islands.

The honey used in the gin actually comes from bees that live in Orkney Distilling’s very own garden, where they grow the key botanicals used in their range of gins.

“Orkney provenance is hugely important to us, across all elements of our business, from the inspiration for our branding to our locally grown botanicals,” says Orkney Distilling’s managing director, Stephen Kemp.

“When we learned that one of our friends, who is a local beekeeper, was producing honey from bees flying a path over, and frequenting, our botanical crops, we jumped at the chance to incorporate it into our latest gin.”

Stephen, who along with wife Aly opened the Orkney Distillery in the summer of 2018, thinks their range “now offers something for all seasons and tastes, from our original Kirkjuvagr and the storm-strength Arkh-Angell, to the summery Harpa and our spiced Aurora.”

honey and raspberry gin

The honey and raspberry gin is the company’s first foray into the fruit gin market. The fresh Scottish raspberries bring the vivid pink colour to the 40% (ABV) Beyla.

Beyla will be available to buy from World Gin Day on Saturday 8 June from  Orkney Distilling’s online shop, within the company’s Kirkwall distillery and visitor centre and from independent retailers in the UK.

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