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There’s a Fairytale Distillery That Creates the Most Enchanting Tipples

fairytale distillery

From colour changing gin to rainbow shades, we all know our favourite tipple can be truly magical but you probably didn’t expect that there’s a distillery to match.

The Fairytale Distillery in the Scottish Highlands creates some of the most enchanting gins on earth, plus it looks a bit like The Fairy Godmother’s cottage.

Looking out across Loch Ailsh to Eilean Donan Castle and the Isle of Skye, this quirky distillery is simply picturesque with its asymmetrical design, apple green colour and wooded location – sitting on a small bed of water and surrounded by the beauty of the Scottish landscape.

In fact, you could describe the area as being like something from the Hansel and Gretel fairytale; it also features a whimsical complex of buildings that serves up food.

The site is owned by the Gottwald family who have several other businesses, such Manuela’s Wee Bakery that produces German-style bread, and a pizza service founded two years ago.

Just to make everything even more magical, the distillery itself actually has a specially commissioned still in it, naturally named Tinkerbelle, created by Austrian coppersmith Herr Schmidt.

The idea for the distillery came from Mr Gottwald and his neighbour gin connoisseur Roger Knight sampling their way around the world of gin.

As told to the Press and Journal, Mr Gottwald said: “Roger and I sampled all gins and began to develop our ideas from the basic London Dry. We tried things like spices, citrus and herbs including local meadowsweet.

“Then we turned to two botanists in Stuttgart, Martin Wünsche and Stefan Lipka, to create the final products.”

fairytale distillery

Mr Knight learned about gin from his uncle, who was chief steward in first class on the QE2.

He said: “I introduced Thomas to gin and tonic and it went from there. It’s been really enjoyable, we’ve travelled a lot together. Thomas seems to inspire everyone he meets.”

The gins are presented in black stone bottles to fit the fairytale theme and each marry traditional ingredients with carefully selected botanics and water from the spring fed burn Alt Mor na Dornie to create local and exotic products.

To find out more about the Fairytale Distillery and the range of gins it produces visit The Fairytale Distillery website. 

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