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REVIEW: Malfy Con Arancia

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Simply bursting with zesty citrus notes, Malfy con Arancia is the taste of Italian sunshine in a bottle.  

A little bit of background

Malfy are well-known for their celebration of Italian heritage, produce and technique. Having previously brought sunshine-soaked lemon peel from the Italian coast to the UK, this gin once again brings us the authentic taste of Italy via the protected Sicilian Orange.

The packaging

Like its predecessors con Limone and Originale, con Arancia is presented in an eye-catching frosted glass bottle. Interesting to know is that the blue of the label represents the Mediterranean ocean, while the rings represent the core botanical. The bottle is a striking orange; it’s impossible not to think of sunshine when you encounter a Malfy gin.


  • Sicilian blood orange
  • Lemon peel
  • Grapefruit peel
  • Angelica Root
  • Orris Root
  • Coriander

The Perfect Serve

Pour one serving of Malfy Gin con Arancia into an ice-filled high ball glass. Top up with a chilled premium tonic water or Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade. Garnish with a slice of (Sicilian) orange.

On the Nose

After admiring Malfy Con Arancia’s glorious orange exterior, you can’t help but hope for an equally sunny interior.

Good news then that removing the cork does not disappoint; a strong waft of orange with a delicate hint of juniper is the primary takeaway. It’s almost like alcoholic Sunny D; you just can’t help but smile.


Unexpectedly for its bright and breezy demeanour, this gin actually packs quite a punch straight on the rocks. There’s no vague resemblance of a gin here; Malfy have created the real deal, a quality gin first and foremost… that happens to have a strong orangey flavour.

It’s not bad straight but I’d strongly recommend adding in a mixer to really bring out the best in this gin.

With Tonic or Lemonade

For a mixer, I found both a Mediterranean tonic water and a good quality lemonade did the job here.

Often with flavoured gin, a standard tonic water can overpower or even clash with the intended taste. If you can’t bear the thought of a gin without tonic, however, Mediterranean provides just the right balance.

It provides a soft and subtle herbal caress to the orange of the gin; slightly bitter as a tonic water should be but not as much to overtake the flavour.

For lemonade, you’ll want to choose a premium version with real zest. Anything closely resembling Sicilian lemonade is perfect.

I’ll admit I’m one to pull out a plastic bottle out of the back of the fridge but the quality of the orange demands an equally tangy lemon taste.

For either serve, add plenty of ice, sit back and enjoy the authentic freshness of Sicilian oranges in your glass.

Lasting impressions

There’s no doubt here that Malfy have delivered the ultimate taste of summer. Super refreshing and just bursting with fresh orange zest, here’s a gin that balances decent juniper profile with delicious flavour.

Some orange flavoured gins can taste a bit synthetic but Malfy raises the bar in terms of all-round quality. 

Malfy con Arancia is available from Master of Malt and Amazon now from £26 for 70cl. 

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