Black Jack Gin Could Be the Strangest Addition Yet to Your Sweet Shop Gin Collection

Ever since Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur became a thing in 2017, there’s been a strange and growing trend in the gin world for sweet shop style tipples.

From the eyebrow raising Hubba Bubba Gin to the most recent Pear Drop Gin, you can also add Black Jack Gin to your list of ever-growing gins inspired by sweets of yesteryear.

Part of a sweet shop style collection called Miss Mollies devised by gin-novative distillery Haworth Steam Brewery, this creation might just be the Marmite of the gin world.

Much like the sweet it reflects, this curious tipple features liquorice root and Mediterranean anise giving it the unique flavour of Black Jack sweets.

At 38% ABV, however, here’s one treat that’s purely for adults only.

Although the gin itself is clear coloured in the bottle, the makers recommend pairing it with a Blackcurrant & Liquorice Mixer, which blends fresh pressed blackcurrant juice and the infusion of natural liquorice root.

This turns it to a purpley-red colour in the glass that’s sure to please those who can’t get enough of taking snaps for Instagram.

For everyone else, if you fear overpowering your tastebuds, you can also just drink it neat with ice or pair with your own favourite tonic water.

It’s completely your choice!

Miss Mollies Black Jack Gin is available from Haworth Steam Brewery for £32  for 70cl.  

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