Eden Mill Unveils New Environmentally Friendly Glass Bottle Design

There’s nothing quite like receiving beautiful bottle design alongside your gin, and Eden Mill have just unveiled a stunner.

The Scottish distillery have revealed they will switching to a new glass bottle design that takes inspiration from their whisky releases: First Bottling, 2018 Release and Art Of The Blend Series.

In case you’re not familiar with these, the sneak peak showed by the distillery does seem to feature the trademark dimples featured across the Art of the Blend Series, as pictured below.

Posted by Jon Snell on Tuesday, 18 June 2019


The bottle design has formerly included transparent glass that allows the natural colour of the alcohol to shine through, while the dimpling adds extra elegance.

Of course, recent bottle redesigns such as Mermaid Gin and McQueen Gin, have both taken account of changes in attitude towards the environment.

Although no indication in this case that it’s the primary reason for a change to the design, glass bottles do allow easier recycling over ceramic as they can simply be disposed off in a recycling bin.

However, for lovers of ceramic, it’s not a complete overhaul.

If you love nothing more than collecting ceramic bottles, perhaps with the view of turning it into your next lamp, favourite gins such as Love Gin, Original Gin and Oak Gin, will stick with the original design.

However, a new range of liqueurs and seasonal/limited edition gins will be bottled in the new look.

Watch this space!

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