A Gin and Juice Cocktail Pitcher Is All You Need to Beat the Heat This Summer

Now that summer is finally threatening to burst out and envelope us with hot, sticky days, we need to prepare adequately. This means having ice-cold gin drinks ready to prepare at a moments notice.

We’ve already brought you ice cream gin and a pink grapefruit slush, now step forward the gin and juice cocktail pitcher.

This incredible recipe from Bristol Distilling Co creates the ultimate sunshine refreshment that will banish those hot temperatures.

These pitchers truly look and taste stunning and will be a real showpiece at any garden party or barbecue. The recipe is equal parts measurements so the the bigger the jug (or bowl!) the more you’ll have to share round.


gin and juice and cocktail


  1. Add ice to a large pitcher jug
  2. Mix equal parts gin liqueur/your preferred juice/your preferred mixer into jug
  3. Stir and mix with your preferred fruit and garnish choice
  4. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

77 Berry and 77 Blush Gin Liqueurs are available at Tesco now  for £18. 

All images Shutterstock / Bristol Distilling Co 

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