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Mermaid Gin Has Gone Pink and It’s Mesmerising

Mermaid pink gin

The Isle of Wight Distillery has announced a stunning new addition to its Mermaid Gin brand.

Mermaid Pink Gin at 38% ABV infuses the flavour and aromatics of island-grown strawberries with the complex taste of the original Mermaid Gin.

Mermaid Gin is a blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire – an edible plant foraged from the shores of the Isle of Wight.

Locally known as ‘Mermaid’s Kiss’, rock samphire grows on the island just above the sea’s high-tide line and lends it’s name to the gin.

The Isle of Wight was recently named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the team at Mermaid Gin are keen to help preserve the special-status environment.

Earlier this year the Isle of Wight Distillery changed the shape of the bottle from a clear, round design to a new sculpted, environmentally-friendly bottle.

The new design was developed following a year-long research programme backed by an external investor. It’s exclusively made from sustainable materials and is plastic-free.

The Mermaid Gin and Mermaid Pink Gin glass bottles feature sculpted scales which swirl downwards around the bottle to resemble the tail of the mythical sea creature.

Isle of Wight Distillery say they “Preserve the realm of mermaids by supporting marine conservation projects and by presenting our gin in a plastic-free package.”

So what are you waiting for – protect mermaids by drinking pink gin!

The recommended serving suggestion for Mermaid Pink Gin is with ginger ale or tonic, garnished with strawberries, fresh mint and a slice of lime.

Mermaid Pink Gin is available to buy from the Isle of Wight Distillery website for £39.50.