Pinkster Has Launched a Gin Jam Cocktail Mix Just In Time for Picnic Season

If you’re picturing putting jam on your picnic sandwiches, why not have in your gin instead?

Pinkster’s new Gin Jam Cocktail Mix turns discarded raspberries from the production of its gin into a super cool cocktail idea.

If you’re familiar with the brand, you’ll know the pink gin extraordinaires have formerly tackled the issue of fruit waste by turning discarded raspberries into a jam preserve. Only now they’ve headed into familiar territory by transforming it into a fruity cocktail ingredient.

Simply stir your cocktail mix (2.5% abv) from the 20g sachet into your G&T and watch it become a delicious raspberry gin ‘cocktail’ before your eyes.

This brilliant addition to your favourite tipple gives your drink a jammy twist with a dash of lemon juice to make an extremely delectable mixed drink.

Of course, as it’s also a fully portable solution in a sachet, you can take it anywhere, including packing it in your picnic basket alongside your gin in a tin.

There’s even enough for a full picnic party, as the gin jam cocktail mix will be sold in packs of 28.

If you fancy truly going all out with the ultimate Pinkster pink gin picnic, you could even add in a Pinkster Royale liqueur, also made with the brand’s leftover raspberries, designed especially to pair with Prosecco.

Or pick up the brand’s transportable wine-style pink gin box.

“We’re a restless, innovative brand, fully committed to sustainability”, said Pinkster MD Stephen Marsh.

“We’ve long been quick to champion the fact that our botanicals include raspberries. Real ones, the ones that grow on bushes. Best of all, we’re not prepared to let any of these gin-soaked blighters go to waste.”

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