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REVIEW: Valentia Gin

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Light as a feather yet dangerously quaffable,  Valentia Gin bursts with Spanish lemons and oranges. This sublime gin would be treasured by any gin lover. 

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A little bit of background

Founded by Alfonzo Zapeter, the Fife-based Spanish distiller has drawn on his Spanish and Scottish connections to craft a superb gin.

Valentia Gin is distilled in small batches with water from the Sierra Nevada mountains, natural sugar cane and citrus strictly from Valencia.

Disclaimer: I am absolutely mad for Mediterranean flavours in gin. Whether it’s a citrus bomb or distilled with rosemary and olives, I am all for it. So my fervor for Valentia Gin comes as no surprise.

The Botanicals

  • Juniper
  • Angelica
  • Cardamom
  • Thyme
  • Coriander
  • Rosemary
  • Valencian lemon
  • Valencian orange

The Bottle

Minimalist and weighty, Valentia’s bottle stands out in a sea of loudly packaged spirits. It’s cloaked within a substantial glass bottle and simply branded.

Viewed from the front, a diffused heart — one half Spanish, one half Scottish — shines through. Valentia is a love letter in the form of gin. What could be more Scottish?

The Perfect Serve

You can drag this gin through the garden. Go garnish mad: fat wedges and wheels of lemon and grapefruit. Whole sprigs of rosemary. Blood orange wheels, twists, cheeks: you name it.

Play around with mixers. Mediterranean tonic is a no brainer, as is lemonade or bitter lemon. To celebrate just how lovely it is straight up (but not actually drink it straight up), just mix with sparkling water.

On the Nose

Super delicate, Valentia Gin emanates lemon sherbet. Smooth and luxuriously soft, orange and cardamom notes rise up but that delicious sherbet is the star of the show here.


Valentia is gossamer light on the lips. I’m not the type to drink gin neat as a rule, but I could make an exception for Valentia.

This is truly the smoothest, most gentle gin I’ve sipped neat. Wait a beat, then another… and another in anticipation of the burn, but there is just gentle warmth.

In its essential form, this delightful gin is astoundingly soft and lovely straight up. This can only bode well.

With Tonic

Astoundingly, a Valentia G&T tastes like fizzy lemonade. Delicate and dangerously quaffable, I reached for the bottle to double check the ABV. It’s 39%, by the way, but you’d swear it was as light as a liqueur.

The creamy sherbet lends a sweet fizziness plays wonderfully with the ultra fresh Valencian citrus, Valentia Gin’s heart and centre.

Lasting impressions

Gin drinkers don’t often talk about pairing gin and food, as you do with food and wine, but we ought to.

This gin is superbly paired with food friendly.  Given Valentia’s citrus forward flavours, drinkers can pair it all meal long with Mediterranean flavours.

Imagine sipping it alongside  buttery jamon, juicy prawns, crispy chorizo, or even Andalusian puntillitas, AKA crispy fried squid, and herbaceous sauces. Practically fainting with hunger — and thirst — now.


Valentia Gin is available to purchase online from Villeneuve Wines (£35), The Good Spirits Co (£38), and Craft Connoisseur (£36) 

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