There Is a Gin & Rum Festival Touring Around the UK This Summer

One thing that we look forward to during summer is the variety in gin-related events, such as festivals. One of them is the upcoming Gin and Rum Festival which will take place in various locations over the UK in the coming summer months.

The main idea behind this event is to promote both British gins and rums alongside recognised worldwide bands.

The Gin and Rum festival brings you not only unique spirits from around the world but also a great selection of some of the best entertainment and food from around the UK.

By purchasing a ticket you can expect to experience the following: Fast check-in, experienced hospitality staff and a free satchel including a copa glass you can take home.

The festival will also include seven themed bars, talks and masterclasses from experienced professionals in the industry, as well as live entertainment.

The Gin and Rum festival will be held in Cardiff, Manchester, London and Bath to name a few locations, starting June 28 2019.

If you’d like to purchase a ticket make sure to visit their website for more information and for dates in each of the locations,  tickets are limited and subject to availability. 

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