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10 Weird and Wonderful Ice Cube Ideas for Your Summer G&Ts

best ice cube ideas

It’s summer and that means it’s prime gin-sipping time. It’s essential to keep our drinks cold, and since plain old ice cubes can be repetitive, we’ve rounded up some of the best ice cube ideas to keep your G&Ts stylishly cool.

Gin is becoming ever more varied and flamboyant so why not keep the inventive trend going by trying some of these easy to make frozen gin garnishes?

We’ve got flowers, sweets, fruit and everything inbetween, so get creative and keep cool this summer.

Floral Ice Cubes

best ice cube ideas

Frozen flower ice cubes can add an extra special touch to a fancy cocktail or simply to make a G&T that bit more pretty. Each cube you make will be uniquely beautiful as they will all freeze in different shapes.

How about a violet petal ice cube added to a violet gin? Or frozen rose petals to cool down a pomegranate and rose gin? You can get creative and experiment with which flowers compliment which gins. The possibilities are endless.

Make sure that the flowers you freeze are edible.  Blooms such as orchids, nasturtiums, pansies, and snapdragons have been grown to be eaten. Popular garden varieties such as roses, violets, daisies and even dandelions are all usable too.

Sweetie Soaked Ice Cubes

best ice cube ideas

Who doesn’t want to make their drink a little bit sweeter? This idea gives you an excuse to buy sweeties for yourself all in the name of art.

Try this idea with soft sweets, no one wants to chip a tooth or break a filling on a frozen hard-boiled sweet. Think Gummy Bears, Jelly Babies, Haribo and Jelly Tots and you can’t go far wrong.

These look great and they are a lot of fun, just don’t forget they are there to avoid unexpected choking hazards.

Cherry Cubes

Cherries are just the right size to pop in ice cube trays. One per cube will do the trick and they look fantastic.

A genius idea is to leave the stalk on and when they melt it will be easy pull out a gin-soaked cherry and munch it, meaning no food waste at all!

Try adding them to a pink cherry gin to make a very cherry drink.

Elderflower and Mint Ice Cubes

We’ve spoken in the past about Elderflower gin being the taste of the British summer, so it makes sense that ice will be necessary with that elderflower drink.

These elderflower and mint ice cubes look gorgeous and will bring a touch of class to any drink, be it elderflower or something else.

Twitter user @KellySWhalley thinks they would also be nice in a simple G&T and we have to agree!

Frozen Fruit Cubes

With the rise and rise of flavoured gin, it’s only natural that we are going to want some creative garnishes to match the rainbow range of gins now on offer.

And since it’s summer, lets garnish packed in ice. Pretty much any fruit you can think of can be chopped to size and added to an ice cube tray, so pick your favourite and get freezing.

We love how Instagram user @casagroupdr describes these frozen delights as ‘Caribbean Vitamins’. A healthy G&T? Yes please!

Watermelon Cubes

We could sip on watermelon gin all summer long, so we’re going to need some ice refreshment to keep cool for that long.

Frozen watermelon ice cubes could be just the ticket, and you don’t even need an ice cube try to make them.

Simply slice a watermelon into cubes and place on a baking sheet until frozen. Then pop in your gin and store any leftovers in a freezer safe ziptop bag.

Frozen Herbs

Gin and herbs are a match made in heaven. Coriander seed is a frequent gin botanical. But herbs can also be gin’s best friend in the form of a garnish.

Herb garnishes can really bring some gins alive, for example mint in a Southside cocktail or a Gin Mojito.

Not all herbs work with gin though. One of our favourites is rosemary – a key botanical in Spanish gin Gin Mare. Try cooling down a classic G&T with some frozen rosemary.

Frozen lavender cubes also works a treat too, subtly influencing the colour and taste of a summer G&T.

Mojito Ice Cubes

A cocktail in an ice cube? That will do very nicely for summer indeed. To make these all you need is freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar and mint leaves.

Add about half a cup of sugar to every cup of lime juice and simply pour into an ice cube tray, adding mint leaves on top.

Try adding these to a Gin Mojito or as a perfect sweet balance to a delicious strawberry gin.

Sparkle Cubes

best ice cube ideas

Usually it’s the kids going crazy with glitter and the parents despairing at the mess. Now it’s time to turn the tables.

Bring the shimmer to your next party with some glitter infused ice cubes. These will bring a smile to the face of any guest and add some fun to proceedings.

Don’t use glitter that isn’t marked safe as edible. We recommend Magic Sparkles Unicorn Collection. You can buy them from Amazon for £5.46.

Frozen Lemon Slices

best ice cube ideas

Lemon is one of the most popular and classy adornments to a G&T. It’s elegant and simplistic. But as we enter summer it has the power to offer even more to a G&T – it can cool it down too.

If you often find you have too many lemons lying around, make sure to slice and freeze them. They’ll then be ready for the next time the clock strikes gin o’clock (which, let’s face it, won’t be long).

Simply cut lemon slices and place on a baking sheet until frozen and you’ll have the ultimate frozen accessory to a summer gin.

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