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This Revolutionary New Gin Claims to Reduce Calorie Consumption without Cutting Out G&Ts

Hayman's Small Gin

Hayman’s has launched Small Gin, which it says will allow consumers to enjoy “a real gin & tonic with just 0.2 units of alcohol and 15 calories per serve”.

Just a 5ml serving of the 43% ABV gin is said to accurately replicate the taste of a traditional larger-measure G&T.

Hayman’s describe the gin as being “so rich in botanical character” that only 5ml is needed to create a familiar gin and tonic.

According to distiller Sam Pembridge, “In blind-tastings completed at our distillery, even the most experienced of gin drinkers were unable to tell the difference between a Small Gin and tonic and a London Dry and tonic.”

In keeping with health-conscious trends, the aim is to reduce the alcohol content and consumption but still retain that intensity of flavour of a G&T that we all know and love.

The added benefit is that, because alcohol has a fairly high calorie content, we can enjoy a lifetime of sips without a lifetime on the hips!

Miranda Hayman, co-owner and brains behind the product, says the new offering is the “biggest innovation we’ve seen since the creation of London Dry over 100 years ago”.

She added: “To have a real gin that offers up all that wonderful gin character, that maintains the ritual of mixing a classic gin and tonic but that also supports those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption is incredibly exciting.

“In the same way that London Dry was a product for its time, we see Small Gin as the right thing at the right time to meet the needs of modern, health-conscious consumers”.

Hayman’s is selling Small Gin in a 20cl gift carton with a 5ml measuring thimble to help consumers “become accustomed” to the tiny serve.

A 20cl bottle of Small Gin contains enough gin to produce 40 gin and tonics. That’s 12 more than a standard 700ml bottle of London Dry poured in 25ml measures.

Small Gin is available to pre-order online from the Hayman’s website for £26 per 20cl bottle. It will be delivered to customers in early August.

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