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Bloom Gin Announces the Release of 11 New Pre-mixed Gin Bottles

pre-mixed Bloom Gin

Bloom Gin has announced a range of  ready to drink (RTD) gin bottles. The new range will contain 11 (yes eleven) bottles of pre-mixed gin.

The shift towards RTD gin has been momentous, particularly the rise of cans of pre-mixed pink gin. Bloom Gin have opted for glass bottles over cans in keeping with the brand’s premium style.

Bloom’s master distiller Joanne Moore has developed the range which includes Bloom & Rose Lemonade and a new Bloom Strawberry Gin Liqueur & Tonic.

Two pre-mixed cocktails will also be part of the new line. Bloom Negroni and Bloom Bramble will both be served at 10%ABV.

Bloom Gin is confirming a trend towards a lower alcohol drinking experience by also offering lower alcohol variants.

Bloom with a Hint of Raspberry and Bloom with a Hint of Elderflower are both served at 0.5%.

This comes after Hayman’s announced Small Gin – a gin so powerfully flavourful that they recommend only a 5 ml serving to recreate the taste of a traditional G&T.

The lower alcohol trend is linked to a lower calorie drinking experience and sure enough Bloom Gin have a lower calorie option called Bloom & Light Tonic in the new range.

Elaine Maher, global brand director at brand owner, Quintessential Brands, said: “Bloom Gin is loved by many around the world for its style, substance and sass, and our new RTD range exemplifies this perfectly. Not only does the new collection look fantastic, consumers know that with Joanne Moore at the helm, they can trust in the quality of the range too”.

Pre-mixed Bloom Gin is served in 27.5cl bottles and are priced at £2.99 each. They will be available to buy from July 1st from leading online retailers.

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